Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mengapa barat menguasai Dunia

Membaca buku lama yarhamah Maryam Jameelah "Islam and Western Society" 1978 memberikan beberapa jawapan kepada persoalan di manakah sebenarnya kekuatan barat. Mukasurat 41 beliau menulis.

1. Superior physical energy, vitality (daya hidup) dan dynamism.

By comparison the non European culture and people tended to be rather lazy, sluggish, apathetic and easy going while the West was wide-awake, alert, restlesss and unceasingly active.

2. superior organization and maximum efficiency in the utilization of both natural and human resources.

Western institution were unparalled in their strength and effectiveness in organisation which no oriental people could match.

Investigate islamic organization and movement today (buku ini dikeluarkan pada 1978) and one will find most of them inactive and doing little, if any constructive work. Muslims do much talking bur little doing. Grandiose, highpsounding ideas are conceived but Muslims rarely carry their project through.

Among too many orientals promises are made only to be broken. Work is regarded  by too many of us as a burden to be shirked whenever possible.

Zeal, zest and enthusiasm to get job done are quickly replaced by apathy and indifference. It is extremely difficult to get Muslims and most the oriental peoples to collaborate and cooperate in harmony. If our goal of an Islamic order is to be succeed, yet in the ex muslim world it is very rare that two or more scholars will agree to work together even on a single book.

Western acheivement is indebted to high morale, self-confidence and frantic single mindedness to let nothing stand in the way of getting the job done as quickle and efficiently as possible.

3. Superior technology : God has imbued man with great potentialities and mental faculties to exploit  to his benefit and field or domain in which he uses them, Every earnest research worker can exploit a new world in the domain of his selected field of inquiry.   Event the tiny particle of dust may open up for the scientist realms hardly less in complexity than the dazzling light of the sun. This is what happen in Europe. When matter was brought under intense scientific investigation, Western man discovered the clue to power and energy in apparently dead and  inner matter. This led to a revolution in the realm of technology which gave the West tremendous superior in arms and military equipment. As a result, its political power swept across the world in a very short time., eastern nations and civilizations crumbling before it like hills of sand. Advanced in technology permit the invading culture of the West to penetrate all barriers - geographical and linguistic  without fear of confrontation. Powerful radio stations beam foreign-language broadcasts and through clever commentaries and slanted news influenced the thinking of the victim. Telecommunication satellites permit the enemy to project her culture right into our bedrooms and win adherent, among innocent and defenseless  children. Where the national televison policy is the same as the enemy's, the situation of the victim country becomes most hopeless.          

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