Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Perkara yang kita perlu dan 30 yang tidak

30 Things We Need — and 30 We Don't
Tony Schwartz ..

Do you have the feeling, as I do, that in the tsunami of everyday life, we're getting too much of stuff we don't need, and not enough of what we do? Herewith my first set of suggestions about how to redress the imbalance:

We need LessWe need More
1. information1. Wisdom
2. Shallow billionaires2. Passionate teachers
3.Self-promotion3. Self-awareness
4.Multitasking 4. Control of our attention
5.Inequality5. Fairness
6. Sugar6. Lean protein
7. Action7. Reflection
8. Super sizes8. Smaller portions
9. Private jets9. High-speed trains
10.Calculation10. Passion
12.Blaming12. Taking responsibility
14.Texting14. Reading
15.Anger15. Empathy
16.Output16. Depth
17.Constructive criticism17. Thank-you notes
18.Possessions18. Meaning
19.Righteousness19. Doing the right thing
20.Answers20. Curiosity
21.Long hours21. Longer sleep
22.Complaining22. Gratitude
23.Sitting23. Moving
24.Selling24. Authenticity
25.Cynicisms 25. Realistic optimism
26.Self-indulgence26. Self-control
27.Speed27. Renewal
28.Emails28. Conversations
29.Winning29. Win-win
30.Immediate gratification30. Sacrifice

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